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Research overwhelmingly confirms that the number one school-controlled variable in student success is the quality of the classroom teacher. Of all the things that schools can, and do, control, teacher quality is the only thing that matters.

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Founded by a fourth generation public school teacher in 2010, The Teachers of Promise Foundation was established to support the work of individuals, organizations, and teams who seek to discover, identify, celebrate, and encourage high calibre teachers-to-be. The Foundation’s purpose is to discover, recognize, and grow the next generation of great teachers and its initiatives have created new and exciting opportunities for practicing educators to impact the future of their profession.

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The TOP Foundation funds the Teachers of Promise Institute, established in 2004, which brings together high calibre students from more than 30 of Virginia’s college and university Schools of Education and a dozens of master educators for a two-day celebration and professional development event. To date more than 2,500 future teachers have been recognized at the Institute and more than 100 master educators, including more than 30 Milken Educators, five National Teachers Of the Year, National Board Certified Teachers, and Regional and State Teachers of the Year, have presented and mentored at the event. The Teachers of Promise Institute has been recognized as a national model for teacher leadership and one of the country’s most innovative teacher quality initiatives.

The Foundation accepts proposals for funding and support and is happy to consider sponsorship possibilities. For more information on the Institute or to inquire about funding opportunities, please click here.